Master, spiritual

Can help us because he has had to face the same difficulties as us and has overcome them

April 6th 2015
Before being able to take on his task, a spiritual Master will have incarnated on earth numerous times and worked and worked… For life on earth exposes humans continually to the risk of making mistakes, and they must constantly correct themselves and pick themselves up again. How could a spiritual Master help his disciples and teach them now if, in other incarnations, he had not had to experience the same things and overcome the same obstacles? What use would he be if he had not been exposed to the same temptations, if he had not gone through the same difficulties before eventually becoming the person he is now? He would never dare to stand up before others and ask them to make efforts that he himself had not already made. The reason we really need to follow the advice of initiates and great Masters is that they know the path and have already travelled it ahead of us. They know the traps strewn along the way, but they also know how to overcome them.