Diplomas, human

And divine diplomas

June 5th 2011
Honesty, kindness, generosity, patience, peace, harmony – these are the values that will be the most highly prized in the future. Those who do not know how to manifest these virtues will be considered useless, even harmful. Diplomas will be given to those whose behaviour contributes to brotherhood among all men and women, whereas those who merely become encyclopaedias will not pass. It is strong characters, not purveyors of information, that are needed to bring the kingdom of God to earth. The real diplomas are given by nature, and nature alone. If you manage to get someone who is distressed and upset to calm down just by placing your hand on their shoulder, it proves you have received the diploma; heaven has given it to you. For the real diplomas are not pieces of paper; they are printed on your face, your body and your whole being. If you do not wear a living diploma made of powerful, luminous emanations, you can have all the diplomas in the world, but in the eyes of nature you will be nothing.