The memory of the universe is recorded in them

April 9th 2015
In nature everything is recorded. Cosmic Intelligence has placed devices everywhere whose job it is to automatically record the events that occur all around. Rocks, stones, sand: there are recording and transmitting devices everywhere. If we could only decipher the recordings contained in a single grain of sand! The mineral kingdom is able to give us the most information about the past: the memory of the universe is recorded in it. Everything else has disappeared. Vegetation, animals and humans along with their discoveries have all disappeared, but the stones and metals remain, and these can tell us the history of the world. The memory of stones – that is true archaeology! As yet no one has discovered ways of deciphering it, but maybe one day they will, by picking up the waves emitted by the stones. In the meantime, now that you know that everything is recorded, try to be vigilant, so that what you record in the stones where you walk is only the best that is in your heart and soul.