An activity in which thought, feeling and the spoken word must play a part

April 10th 2015
Prayer can be a silent outpouring of the heart or soul. But if it is to be really effective, it must be done in the three worlds – the mental, astral and the physical. Praying is not a matter of asking for anything and everything, depending on the impulses of the moment. The light of thought should first have its say; it must judge whether a request is worth formulating. Then, just as light is accompanied by warmth, so thought must be accompanied by a powerful feeling, which gives it life. Lastly, in order for there to be an effect on the physical plane, the spoken word is necessary, since sound vibrations affect matter. When thought and feeling are not expressed through the spoken word, which in a sense gives them flesh, they lack the materials they need from the physical world to become a reality. It is the spoken word that brings these materials. Through the spoken word, we bring to the spirits of the invisible world the physical elements that they themselves lack. We demonstrate to them that we know the laws, and we also facilitate their work.