The conditions for carrying them out properly

April 11th 2015
It is important when we are carrying out our responsibilities – whether family, social, professional or political – that we strive to find a high vantage point within ourselves, from which to gain an overall perspective of the problems we have to solve. In this way the decisions we make will be the best for all concerned. You will say, ‘But what can I do if I make good decisions but they are not accepted? Most people are only bothered about defending their own selfish interests. It’s not easy to get them to recognize the interests of others.’ That’s true, but even if others don’t analyse things the way you do and so don’t come to the same conclusions, that is no reason to stop what you are doing. Once you have managed to reach this high vantage point, there will be other opportunities in life for it to prevail. No effort you make to progress on the path of clear-mindedness and selflessness is ever lost.