Trying to stick to the one taken

April 12th 2015
Whatever you undertake, especially if it is spiritual work, you must try above all else to keep to the direction you have taken. This is because what is harmful is the indecision – never really knowing what direction to take or, if you do take one, wondering whether it is really the right one and whether it might be better to go back or look for another one. So begin by really reflecting, and when you feel you have found the right way, try to stick to it whatever happens. There will be times on this path when you will take a few tumbles because you are still weak, but heaven will send help, so do not be discouraged. Even if your windowpanes become dirty, tell yourself the rain will wash them tomorrow and you will be able to see through them again. This is how it is throughout a disciple’s life. They fall, they get back up… they get dirty, they wash themselves… They should never lose heart, knowing that heaven is always there to support those who stay on the right path.