‘lend only to the rich’

Spiritual interpretation of this proverb

April 14th 2015
Do you want to attract the attention and benevolence of the beings of light and the forces of nature? Try to become richer. The creatures of the divine world love and respect only those who are rich. But by ‘rich’ I mean those who have acquired spiritual riches. It is for these people that the beings reserve their gifts. As for the poor, they not only receive nothing, but they rapidly end up losing the little they do have. You know the proverb ‘Lend only to the rich’, but do you fully understand the meaning? At first glance it appears cruel and unfair: why favour those who already have and leave the poor to fall into even greater poverty? In reality, on the spiritual plane it is completely fair: heaven can give its blessings only to those who have already worked to become richer in light and virtues. Because they have made an effort to acquire these things, they know their value and will know how to protect them. Those on the other hand who do not work manage to lose, through their own fault, even the little they have, so why grant them favours they will not appreciate?