Are children we are responsible for

April 16th 2015
A thought has no physical substance, and yet it is not abstract but a real and living being. This is why you must be aware and watch your thoughts, or else they will lead you into dead ends. Some thoughts are like children you have to feed, wash and teach. Sometimes, without your realizing, they cling to you, drain your strength and exhaust you… And sometimes these children also escape and roam the world, looting and destroying as they go. But in the invisible world, as on earth, there is a police force, and it comes looking for you to make you understand that you are responsible for the damage your children have caused. Then you are taken to court, where you are ordered to pay damages with interest; these payments are your sorrows, your sadness, discouragement and bitterness. So pay attention to your thoughts – do not neglect them. Work to form angelic, divine children, who will always be around you and bring you only presents of light.