The best remedy for distress and anxiety

April 19th 2015
Someone who is unable to be free of anxiety comes to ask me for advice. I tell them, ‘As nothing you have tried has worked, here is a remedy you won’t have considered. Each day, come into harmony with the beings of light in the universe. Tell them, “I love you. I am in harmony with you. I want to carry out the will of God…”, and little by little you will feel an improvement.’ If humans are so worried, so distressed, it is because they have allowed disorder to enter them, affecting the internal organization that nature has created within them, and they are being given lessons so that they can re-establish that order. The whole universe is harmony, the whole universe sings in harmony, and those who do not respect this harmony are rejected and suffer. This is why the way we must seek harmony is through love of harmony, through the need to merge with this cosmic order created by God. In this way we will open the doors to the forces and entities of light in nature. For to find inner harmony is to open ourselves up, and this opening up is the condition for all benign presences to come and live within us.