In what ways they are like human beings

April 21st 2015
There are similarities between trees and human beings that are interesting to explore. Let’s start with the roots: they equate in the human body to the stomach, the belly and the genitals. In effect humans put down roots on the earth by feeding themselves through their stomach and intestines and by reproducing with their genitals. The trunk of the tree equates to the lungs and the heart, which control the respiratory and circulatory systems. In the tree, the raw sap is carried by an ascending flow up the length of the trunk and into the leaves, where it is transformed, while the descending flow carries the enriched sap, which feeds the tree. In the human being, the venous system carries the impure blood to the lungs to be purified, and the arterial system carries the purified blood throughout the body to maintain vitality. Finally, the tree’s leaves, flowers and fruits correspond to the human head, which receives the subtlest energies, those of the spiritual sun – the spirit. Those who awaken the spirit within them capture the divine energies and so are able to produce better fruits.