The qualities manifest in those who possess it

April 22nd 2015
So many people claim to possess the truth! They are not aware that there are objective criteria by which to judge whether this is the case. You can tell those who are in truth by their qualities, particularly their kindness, nobility and selflessness. This is why, when I see someone who claims to possess truth but is hateful, bad-tempered and vindictive, I want to say to this person, ‘Well, if that is truth, it’s not worth making the slightest effort to attain it.’ But humans rarely have such criteria. They see maniacs preaching hatred and violence in the name of truth, and they are ready to follow them and imitate them, even to the extent of committing murder. Never believe anyone who claims to have the truth if they do not show you their qualifications. And these are not in the form of a piece of paper. They are living qualifications that sages and even nature spirits can read from afar, because they shine and emit rays of light. When you meet such a being, you have the feeling you are being given light, warmth and strength. It is like being present at the sunrise.