Practised as a yoga

April 23rd 2015
More and more people these days feel that their physical and psychological balance is threatened by the hectic rhythm of life imposed on them, particularly in towns. So they embark on relaxation practices or on different yogas or martial arts imported from the east. This can be good for them, it’s true. But there is a yoga that is easier and more effective, because they can practise it every day and even several times a day: the yoga of nutrition. When you eat just anyhow – surrounded by noise, in a nervous state or in a rush, while chatting or squabbling – it is almost pointless then to go and do yoga. By doing your best each day to eat with awareness, quietly and meditatively, you have the opportunity to do this exercise to relax and harmonize all your cells. Since you have to eat two or three times a day anyway, think about it: this exercise is convenient… and free! Which isn’t the case with yoga classes or other disciplines. How expensive they are – and just to learn how to calm down!