Sun’s rays

Currents of force that penetrate beings and work on them

April 24th 2015
Light is a spirit, a spirit that comes from the sun… Each ray is a current of forces travelling through space, and when this current is absorbed by beings and things it works on them. If there is one area that requires further study, it is that of light: the nature of it, how it behaves and how we can work with it. Those who neglect light and go running after gain and profit instead are ignorant. They do not know that the ‘gold’ they seek through wealth is in fact just condensed light. Yes, gold is condensed rays of light, picked up, collected and worked on by intelligent workers living in the bowels of the earth. If you hold gold in such high esteem and neglect light, what happens? It is like taking no notice of a princess and making advances to her chambermaid; obviously, when the princess realizes, she closes her door to you. So first you have to love light, and the gold will come later. It will follow you – when you appear in the company of the princess, all her servants will spontaneously place themselves at your service.