In work is the only thing that gets results

April 25th 2015
Living the spiritual life is principally about experiencing the power of thought. If you do not obtain any great results, it means you are not keeping to the task you have begun: what you have built with one hand you are destroying with the other. Suppose you have decided to concentrate on harmony: harmony in your gestures, your words and the whole of your being… If you have not learned self-control, you will continue to be seized by chaotic thoughts, feelings and desires, and as fast as you manage to build anything they will destroy it. To obtain something solid and lasting, you must be intelligent, organized and unremitting in the way you work. And never be discouraged. If you do not obtain great results in this life, you will in the next. You may be wondering why not in this one? Because so far you haven’t made enough effort in your previous incarnations. We do not acquire true spiritual attainments in a few months or a few years. We have to continue our efforts over several incarnations. So, understand that you have to set to work seriously in this incarnation in order to sow a few good seeds for the next.