Neither one must think they own the other

April 27th 2015
If you tend to think of those you love as belonging to you, you will soon find yourself in situations you cannot resolve. One day you will be forced to accept that these beings are leaving you, and if you are unable to do so you will suffer, and you will make them suffer too. Rather than persisting with the idea that his wife belongs to him, a husband should consider the fact that she already existed long before he knew her. And will she not still exist long after him? In other incarnations, she had other husbands before him, just as he had other wives. If he had always been with her, he would not be afraid of losing her. And neither would she, for that matter. The fear that either of them may have of being left or betrayed is proof that the link between them is not yet solid enough. This may even be the first time they have encountered one another, so it is pointless tormenting themselves. Men and women must tell themselves that they are partners in this lifetime and endeavour to work honestly together, and that is all. And if they succeed in creating a better relationship together, they may find each other again in a future lifetime.