Smile of god

The greatest of rewards

April 28th 2015
It is extraordinary to see how a smile can transform a face that is inexpressive or even unattractive. A lovely smile is accompanied by a lovely expression, and because this expression is full of love and kindness, it gives off such light that the features of the face seem to melt: all you see is this light. Also, what joy and comfort this smile can give us! It is like an unexpected gift. And what about the sun’s smile, when it emerges from behind the clouds to bathe us in its light! But the most beautiful smile, the most desired, the one our whole soul longs for, is the smile God grants us after we have come through suffering that we thought we would not survive. When this smile appears, the darkness and anxiety, the fear and threatening images all fade away, and everything becomes light and harmony. This smile is worth more than all riches and all other joys on earth. It cannot be won by any kind of violence, only by love, hope and faith. We often have to wait a very long time before we deserve such a smile. It is the greatest of rewards.