Helping humans

By focusing more on their qualities than on their faults

June 7th 2011
Many people imagine that you have to be naïve or utopian and not see people’s faults if you want to dedicate your life to helping them. Not at all, and I would go so far as to say that a sage, a spiritual Master, is the first to see how weak, selfish, hypocritical, fickle, and so on, they can be. But he does not pay too much attention to all that, because he also knows that you cannot help people when all you see are their faults and vices. With such an attitude, you will even make them worse. A spiritual Master knows that men and women are sons and daughters of God. He keeps this thought in mind and approaches all beings with this thought. In this way he does a creative work, for he helps all those he meets to develop the qualities they too have. And from this attitude he himself draws strength and joy. Well, how about you; why not do the same? The best way to behave with others is to try to discover their qualities, virtues and assets and to focus on these to help bring them out.