Cosmic human

We live in this being; consequences for our moral life

May 1st 2015
On the physical plane, all beings are separate individuals, and what each person lives does not directly affect others. Your suffering or your joy is not obviously their suffering or joy. If you eat indigestible food, you ruin your stomach, not theirs. But on high, on the subtle planes, there are no longer any barriers between beings, and all your emotional states have an effect on them. This is because on high there is only one single being, the cosmic Human, the synthesis of all beings. We live in the cosmic Human, we ourselves are this cosmic being, and no creature exists outside this being as a separate entity. This leads us to the following moral law: all the good and the evil we do to others we also do to ourselves. That may not seem to make any sense to you. On the contrary, though, it makes a lot of sense, for in the cosmic Human we are all one.