Son of god

Jesus was not and will not be the only one

May 5th 2015
One of the fundamental tenets of Christianity is that two thousand years ago God showed his love to humankind by sending ‘his only son’ to earth. For a time, this belief perhaps helped some to evolve, but now it is time to let go of something so outrageous. For this is not the right way to understand the love of God, which is immense, abiding and infinite. God has had many sons and daughters, has many now and will have many more again. For thousands of years he has been sending exceptional beings to earth to enlighten their brothers and sisters, and he will send others. He has no use for those who forbid him to have sons or daughters other than Jesus, or who say that before the arrival of Jesus humans were deprived of true light. As if the salvation of human beings depended on the era they lived in: before Jesus or after Jesus! The Church can insist all it likes on fixing a beginning and end date for divine revelation, but the Lord is not impressed by these decrees. He continues to ignore them. He is beyond all that and will never stop sending beings who will each bring new light to the world.