Instinct to dominate

The consequences of this

May 6th 2015
The natural tendency of humans is to impose, to make demands, to compel others, without asking themselves whether these demands are justified. And the extraordinary thing is, they think it will be easy to get their way. They declare, ‘I’m the one who decides! I’m the one in charge!’ They do not foresee that they are going to meet with all sorts of opposition – which is quite predictable! – and that by behaving in this way they are engaging in a struggle, from which they will emerge exhausted and even ill. Those with a tendency to continually impose themselves on others should take a good, hard look at themselves. Of course, many will claim that their profession means they have to shoulder heavy responsibilities, that their work is exhausting because conditions are terrible, that their employees and colleagues never stop creating difficulties for them… No, work does not cause tiredness, as long as you know how to work and how to behave towards those you work with. The tiredness comes from the fact that people too often confuse working with imposing themselves on others.