Are living beings; providing the right conditions to keep them

May 7th 2015
There are men and women whose talent astounds us – they have a gift. And what is a gift? It is an entity that has come to live in someone in order to express itself through them. At the present time people like to see themselves as rational, so they may never accept the idea that talents and abilities are entities living in humans. But how then do we explain that they sometimes lose them? It is because a gift is a guest from elsewhere: it agreed to inhabit a particular person, but because this person created intolerable conditions for it, it ended up leaving. This has happened to many people; instead of guarding the treasure they possessed, they squandered it through a life of turmoil, dishonesty and intrigue. They imagined their talent was something acquired for all time. No, unfortunately not. So if you do not want to lose your gifts, and if you want to increase them or acquire others, you must prepare suitable conditions for the heavenly entities – namely peace, harmony and light.