Stems from disappointed ambitions

June 8th 2011
Where does pessimism in humans come from? Of course, some will claim it comes from their insightfulness – how can you not be pessimistic when you see how the world is? But not at all; it stems from the immoderate desires and ambitions they were unable to fulfil because of lack of ability. And so, after numerous disappointments, they ended up with a disillusioned view of life. You often see pessimism expressed in the old nations. They were founded on great plans they thought they could achieve easily. Some success led them to believe they would not only conquer neighbouring countries but also extend their influence over distant lands. That is where they were mistaken! If people want to swallow up the whole world, they should first ask themselves whether they will be able to digest it; and even if initially they achieve a certain amount of success, gradually the difficulties arise, the deadlock situations, the defeats, the losses, the debts to pay. How then can they see the future in a favourable light?