Changing the world

On what condition the young can achieve this

May 9th 2015
These days, we see young people, adolescents even, involving themselves in public affairs: they give their opinions on society, the life of their country and world events, and they organize themselves to give their words more weight, because they want to change the world. Well, since they have chosen to speak out and many adults are willing to let them do so, they must think hard about what they intend to ask for. If they too demand material comforts, if they want more and more rights and less and less responsibility, let them be under no illusions: there is nothing particularly new under the sun – this is what humans have been demanding since the beginning of time, and it is not what will change the world. ‘Well then,’ you will say, ‘what must they ask for?’ To be instructed. And that does not mean simply acquiring knowledge that would allow them to gain qualifications and get a job. No, to be instructed means to be guided, to receive a light, a wisdom, that will allow them to progress along the path of inner freedom, strength, nobility and true love – the path of true life. That is what young people must ask for if they really want to contribute effectively to changing the world, to making it better, fairer and more fraternal.