Stones, precious

Symbolize the work that human beings can carry out within themselves

May 10th 2015
Why are precious stones so sought after and esteemed? Because they allow the light to pass through them. The earth in its intelligence has worked so magnificently on certain minerals, purified and refined them to such a degree that they have become transparent. Is that not an invitation to look at precious stones as a source of inspiration for our own spiritual work? Precious stones exert a great attraction for most people. There is nothing wrong with that, so long as they know how to view them, otherwise, as has been seen, the desire to possess them can even turn them into criminals. And how should you view them? As a link to the world of the soul and spirit. If you learn how to concentrate on precious stones, on their purity, on their ability to let the light through, on their colours, gradually their qualities will become part of you, and your whole being will be lit by a thousand fires. So, love precious stones, not to use them for adornment, but to allow their quintessence to nourish you.