Spiritual power, in the presence of which we learn how to become immortal

May 15th 2015
To learn a trade, however modest – as a cooper for example or a barber – you would go to someone who practises that trade to see how they make the barrels or cut the beards. But if people want to learn how to become immortal and live the eternal life, they go and ask the dead, with the excuse that these dead people wrote a few books. That’s human intelligence for you: they go to learn about life in the books of dead people, instead of going to one who is truly alive. And who is it that is alive? It is the sun. But they identify the sun only with daylight, with the warmth that brings them pleasant feelings… or a tan! When will they learn to see the sun not only in its physical aspect but as a spiritual power capable of bringing illumination and of giving them eternal life?