Symbol of the oneness of inner life

May 16th 2015
Simplicity, interpreted from a spiritual viewpoint, is the ability to unify one’s inner life. Those who allow all kinds of contradictory thoughts, feelings and desires to pass through them are supporting inner darkness and disorder. So they should not be surprised if one day they no longer know what’s happening to them. Where does a diamond derive its brilliance and strength from? From the fact that it is pure carbon and not an alloy. Add another element and it will no longer be a diamond. So those who attempt to taste, touch and try everything indiscriminately instead of unifying their inner life become like an opaque stone, which blocks the passage of light. The true disciple must be one-pointed, have only one ideal, one wish, one food – symbolically speaking. It is this oneness that will give them the purity, brilliance and strength of the diamond.