Forces, instinctual

Catching the moment when you can still prevent them from being triggered

May 17th 2015
Somebody says something hurtful to you or acts in a manner you disapprove of: if you are not careful, you will explode, and once your anger is triggered you are no longer in control of anything – not of your words, your gestures or your heartbeat. How often people regret getting carried away! They promise themselves it won’t happen again, but at the first opportunity they explode once more. If they were alert, they would instantly catch that moment where they can still decide what will happen next. To begin with we have control over our instinctual forces; by the end we are their slave. But nothing is predetermined. For a few seconds we can still control the situation and direct the energy current. Once that moment has passed, our attention is no longer of any use except for noting the damage that is occurring.