Accepting the one we have been given by fate for our evolution

May 21st 2015
So many men and women are inclined to rebel against their parents and their family circle at some point in their life – during adolescence or later! Convinced they will be better off elsewhere, they take the first opportunity to cut their ties with them. People may not have much in common with their family circle, and I am not saying they must not leave. But everyone on earth should know that if destiny has chosen for them to incarnate in one family rather than another, there is a reason. There are things to learn and understand from being there and certain experiences they need to go through for their evolution. There is an absolute justice and intelligence in the universe, which determines precisely, based on merit, which conditions, era, country and family each person will incarnate into. And there is no point in their complaining about it or rebelling – it won’t change a thing. They must accept this situation and work, so that in their next incarnation, they are worthy of better conditions.