Increasing these moments so as to remain active without tiring

May 23rd 2015
In order to remain active all day without feeling tired, it is essential to take a moment to relax from time to time. But just two or three times is not enough… Ten, fifteen or twenty times a day, you must stop the relentless inner movement, so that you can be recharged with new energy. And you only need a minute each time. Wherever you are, when you have a moment, instead of remaining tense about a difficult situation or becoming impatient at having to wait and so on, turn it to your advantage by going inside yourself and saying, ‘Thank you, Lord; this is another opportunity that’s been given to me to calm down and find my balance again.’ Call on the light, concentrate on a colour, say a formula… Then you will resume your activity with renewed strength and enthusiasm and clearer ideas. And don’t worry that you are wasting time: you will more than make up for it.