Justice, human

Its inadequacies

May 25th 2015
Why is human justice so imperfect? Because it passes judgment only on mistakes made on the physical, material level. When someone has trespassed on their neighbour’s land, or has not paid their neighbour the right amount of money, or has punched him several times and insulted him, the might of the law comes down and they receive a sentence. But if someone has caused thousands of people to lose their faith, their hope and their love through something they have written or said or through their example, or has incited them to debauchery or violence, then, more often than not, human justice will leave them alone. It is now accepted that anyone is free to express his or her thoughts and wishes, no matter how shocking, without bothering about the consequences this will have for the fate of those who are weaker and more easily influenced. Stolen jewels and broken windows: now that’s important, but souls and minds thrown into doubt, rebellion and disarray: that’s not so serious. And that is how the greatest criminals are often allowed to go free. But they should know this: one day, divine justice will punish them very severely.