Truth of life

Can be known only by the spirit

May 26th 2015
The intellect is a faculty that allows us to know the physical world and something of the psychic world, but no more. By itself it cannot show us the truth of life. Take the very simple example of a rose. We know a rose not just by perceiving its form, colour and fragrance. A rose is also a subtle emanation, a presence that cannot be grasped by the intellect. We know the rose when we are able to sense the whole complex of elements that go into making it a rose rather than anything else. This is even truer of human beings: to know what a human being is, we have to be able to bring together, synthesize, all the elements that go to make them up, from their spirit to their physical body. Until we can achieve this, we cannot claim to know them or possess the truth about them. Indeed, the truth of a being, their definitive, absolute truth, lies in their spirit and can only be known by the spirit.