The importance of making it a conscious activity

May 27th 2015
Everyone agrees when it comes to recognizing the importance of food, its quality and its freshness. But how many people know that it is even more important to know how to eat? Most spend mealtimes arguing, gesticulating and bickering, and from time to time they put something into their mouths. And they see nothing abnormal about it; they think that regardless of the surroundings, their body will take care of receiving and sorting the elements it needs to function properly. Well, they are wrong: the surroundings in which they are accustomed to eating can give rise to all sorts of problems with the liver, stomach, intestines and nervous system. Someone will say, ‘But my digestion has always been excellent!’ That’s just as well, but will it last? And you should also know that food contains subtle forces and elements that we are only able to absorb if we eat consciously. These elements, which belong to the etheric, astral and even mental planes, can help us to improve our thoughts, our feelings and the whole way we behave, but only if we bring awareness to the act of eating.