Is based on the knowledge of cosmic laws

June 1st 2015
As far as many of our contemporaries are concerned, faith is a matter only for those who are ignorant, naive or even a bit slow. They are convinced that for humanity to evolve it must abandon all so-called irrational beliefs imposed by religions. Well, they are mistaken. On the contrary, faith is based on knowledge of the great cosmic laws, and there is no science more essential than the science of laws. So, to have faith is to build our existence on a stable foundation, based on the knowledge of these laws. Those who have faith know they are travelling along a well-marked road, one they themselves have chosen and decided to follow. While they are busy constructing something solid, good and beautiful, they don’t have time to concern themselves with everything pointless or negative that’s being said or done around them. Their whole focus is on the work they have begun. And when difficulties occur in their lives, they will already be stronger as a result of the work they have done, and this will help them to overcome all obstacles.