Its importance for our spiritual development

June 2nd 2015
The ambiance in which we live contributes greatly to bringing out the best or the worst in us. For this reason, we should try as much as possible to immerse ourselves in an ambiance of peace, harmony and light. Often, the effects do not last long, but for a while at least our lower nature is reduced to silence, allowing our higher nature to express itself. And by repeating this experience, our higher nature will one day prevail. For some, suppressing their lower nature is seen as a sign of weakness. They feel much better giving vent to their instincts of domination and aggression… that is to say, letting out their inner wild beast. But what they do not realize is that their wild beast does not just attack the people around them. When it leaves its cage, it starts devouring their own children, that is to say, their positive thoughts and feelings, which they should have been protecting and strengthening by maintaining an inner atmosphere of peace and light.