Intellectual capacity

Depends on the state of the entire body

June 7th 2015
Intelligence in human beings depends on the state of their various organs: the liver, the stomach, the intestines, and so on. If all the cells in the body are not working properly, the ability to think and to judge will be affected: no matter how much they read and study, their malfunctioning organs will cast dark colours and distortions into all their thoughts. Even those who are considered great thinkers or great philosophers have made many errors due to the defective condition of the cells of certain organs hindering their mental activity! The inadequate functioning of the liver, stomach, intestines, pancreas and so on creates obstructions somewhere in the brain that even a very intelligent person cannot overcome. So how do we reduce these obstructions? By doing exercises. And the exercises recommended by a spiritual teaching, even if they only relate to breathing and nutrition, have no other purpose than to improve the state of our cells and therefore expand and improve our understanding.