Service of the lord

Requires long preparation

June 11th 2011
We must place ourselves in the service of the Lord, that is to say, in the service of all that is most pure, noble and luminous within us. But in order to be a good servant, we have to prepare, learn and practise. Just look at what happens in everyday life: would the first person who came along make a good employee, a good secretary or a good minister, just because they sincerely wanted to be one? No, they have to have studied first and developed certain abilities and qualities. All the more so, then, when it comes to entering the service of the Lord. What will a person do who has not prepared? They will think they are serving the Lord, when actually they are remaining in service to their prejudices, their biases and their illusions. And that is what fanatics do – under the pretext of serving God, they take on the mission of fighting those they call ‘unbelievers’, ‘infidels’ and so on. Really, they are only serving dark entities that are seeking to realize their own evil plans through them.