Must permeate our whole life

June 8th 2015
Everyone thinks they know what poetry is. Yes, they do know what it is, but in books, not in life. In life, most people are prosaic: they are cold, stiff, dull and down-to-earth, and there is nothing subtle about them. They leave poetry to the poets that write, and even if, from time to time, they read a few verses, the life they lead is not at all poetic. This is why they need a new concept of art, so that from now on they will learn to live in poetry day and night, in other words, they will learn to express something luminous, warm, animated and subtle. And then they will also begin to be loved. Humans need to be loved; they need to establish good relationships with each other, but it seems as if they are doing everything to push each other away: they remain closed, dark and heavy. How can they be loved when they are so unfriendly? To be loved, everyone must learn to live a poetic life, so that they can give light and warmth to others.