How to overcome it

June 11th 2015
From time to time during the day, take a look inside yourself. And if you feel agitated or anxious, stop what you are doing immediately. Otherwise, this inner state will continue indefinitely and be mirrored in a negative way in everything you are planning to do. Once you have stopped what you are doing, concentrate for a few seconds, compose yourself, breathe deeply, and then resume what you were doing but at a more measured pace. Why is it that when we get a nasty surprise, or we are anxious or annoyed, we start knocking things over, slamming doors and bumping into furniture? It is because unconsciously we are trying to get rid of an energy we cannot control. The more agitated we get, the worse it becomes. We must therefore do the opposite: stay completely still for a moment. Once we have calmed down, we can continue what we were doing but in a better frame of mind.