Is essential for achieving anything

June 13th 2015
Intention is always accompanied by some form of concentration. When you want to listen to speech or music, you concentrate with your ears. When you want to read or watch something, you concentrate with your eyes. When you are running, jumping or throwing something, you focus your attention on your legs or your arms. During a battle, a general concentrates his forces and weapons on certain strategic targets. In the same way, depending on the activity you have chosen, you concentrate your strength, your energy and your attention in a particular part of your body. The whole of nature works with concentration – concentration of liquids, substances, rays, waves and so on. Concentration is an accumulation of materials or energy in a limited space, with the intention of forming, or crystallizing, a plan or a wish. Therefore, to fulfil a divine ideal, we must learn to focus our attention and our thoughts on it.