Spoken word

We must master it so that it becomes an expression of the divine word

June 16th 2015
All creatures have a language, but only human beings have speech, and in order for speech to become truly rich in meaning, it must become an expression of the divine Word, which sustains, heals and illuminates. If you aspire to this ideal, the first rule for achieving it is that you have to decide not to gossip about people anymore, not to speak behind their back or use thoughtless words. Learn to control your tongue by saying to yourself, ‘If I do not control myself, I will never possess the true power of the Word.’ What doesn’t get said during the course of a day! People criticize or make accusations lightly, thinking that if they are wrong or have gone too far, it will not matter and will be easy to repair. No, they do not know where their words go, the regions they pass through and the damage they can cause when violent or deceitful. And they should not think that they can repair the harm their words have caused simply by apologizing or paying ‘damages’! In the eyes of humans, perhaps, they have made amends, but in the eyes of the cosmic laws they have not; they are still to blame.