Preferring heaven’s to that of humans

June 17th 2015
So many people feel lonely, because the whole world does not appreciate their ideas, plans and aspirations. They complain, ‘Nobody understands me; people ignore me and behave as if I did not exist.’ But they should take comfort from the fact that, if they really have such good qualities, the angels, the luminous spirits of nature and the Lord himself will appreciate them. Isn’t that sufficient? Why do they insist on wanting crowds of people to come and applaud and congratulate them? Poor souls, if only they knew the dangers involved in that! It’s just like wanting to attract flies, which would leave little marks everywhere, or thieves, who would rob them in no time at all. Ask celebrities if their fame does not have some major disadvantages. So do not complain about being misunderstood or not appreciated. In fact, in having this attitude you are actually preventing others from appreciating you. Be happy that heaven understands you, and try, yourself, to understand others. If you really have such good qualities, sooner or later people will recognize them.