Holy spirit

Only visits those who have prepared a dwelling-place for it

June 12th 2011
To draw the Divinity to yourself, it is not enough to give yourself up to some vague mystical impulse. When you abandon yourself, you become passive, and then you cannot be certain it is the Divinity you are receiving rather than dark spirits, which see an ignorant person without any protection, exposed from all directions, and rejoice at finding a place to settle. Whatever you wish to undertake, you should begin by making the conditions right. When you need to pour a liquid, milk for example, into a pan, you check that the pan is clean, and if it is dirty you wash it. And if you yourself are like a dirty pan, do you think the Holy Spirit will come to make its dwelling-place within you? What will come are dark, impure entities, attracted by the food provided by your passions and uncontrolled instincts. Of course, the Holy Spirit can come, but only once you have worked hard at preparing a decent abode for it.