Truths, spiritual

Of value only to those who can get them to bear fruit within

June 20th 2015
Because, in the past, initiation was reserved for an elite, a moral elite, many people imagine that mysterious ceremonies used to take place, during which great secrets were revealed. No, if initiation was reserved for a few, it was not because things were revealed to them that were not allowed to be heard by other ears. So why was it, then? It was because those to whom the spiritual truths were revealed had all the qualities necessary to allow these truths to bear fruit within them. Spiritual truths will only enrich those who have the intelligence to understand the use they must make of them, the heart to love them and want them to thrive in their inner life and, above all, the will and determination to persevere with the work. To others they are of no value, and they may even be dangerous for them: it would be like putting matchboxes in the hands of children. In an initiatic school, the most important thing is not the truths that are revealed to you but what you yourself will do with these truths.