Is only found in the spiritual realm

June 22nd 2015
Poor humans – they are continually bombarded with advertisements for houses, cars, household appliances, food, clothing and all kinds of products, all trying to persuade them that they can’t do without these things. It’s as if someone is trying to prevent them from making contact with the spiritual world, where they could find the light, the love and the peace they need so much more. In fact, the spiritual world is so ignored and disdained that very few people are able to sense that that is the very place they should be looking for the elements they need for survival. Most are dying from choking, poisoning and suffocation. People must stop deluding themselves. Even if material progress makes life easier, it will not bring them happiness, and it may even lead them down the road to ruin. The only way they will find salvation is by doing all they can to connect with the world of light, where their soul and spirit can finally breathe freely and be nourished. When we meditate and when we pray, we do not contact anything material. It seems to be a void, but in this void our soul and spirit find fulfilment and abundance.