Offended, feeling

A method to overcome it

June 23rd 2015
Suppose someone has behaved badly towards you or said something hurtful, and you feel offended or upset. This is normal, but if you dwell on these feelings, what will happen is that you will start remembering all the other times this person was rude or annoying. And it is unlikely that you will stop there – you will then think of all the others who have been unpleasant to you. Eventually you will feel overwhelmed, to the point of suffocation. Is that intelligent behaviour? To avoid ending up at this point, here is a method you can use: call on your intellect, and ask it if it makes sense to dwell on this hurt or annoyance. If it is honest, your intellect will certainly reply, ‘No, it’s not that bad. Why get so worked up?’ And by doing this, you will manage little by little to dissolve the heavy, dark matter that was threatening to choke you.