Always prepare for it the day before

June 24th 2015
Humans are often very worried about the future: they wonder if they will be short of money, if they will have enough to eat, somewhere to live, and so on. Preoccupied by these concerns, they neglect much more important questions, make mistakes they should correct immediately but do not and, because these things accumulate, end up overwhelmed, crushed. To avoid getting caught up in this way, you need to reflect on Jesus’ words: ‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself.’ ‘Tomorrow will take care of itself’ means that if you make sure every day to behave faultlessly, the next day will automatically appear clear, and you will be available to carry out your plans, while continuing to be vigilant so that you leave nothing undone. Thus, each new day will find you free, willing and ready to work, study and enjoy yourself, and life will take on an extraordinary hue of happiness and blessings. By ensuring that everything is in order today, you are preparing for a good day tomorrow.