Philosopher’s stone

We must seek it inside ourselves

June 29th 2015
Whenever you act with wisdom (light) and love (warmth), you place yourself under the authority of the spirit and so gradually form within you the philosopher’s stone, which transmutes all matter into gold. So you do not need to look for it anywhere other than in yourself, because there is no more powerful philosopher’s stone than the spirit. Strive to achieve a state of consciousness where you feel that your spirit, your higher self, is an immortal and eternal principle, an indestructible entity travelling through space and permeating everywhere. Then you will understand that there is nothing more important than to use this power to work on matter – your own matter – in order to purify it, revitalize it and bring it back to life. This is true alchemy. The philosopher’s stone is the spiritual quintessence that turns everything into gold, into light, first within you, but also in all the creatures around you, because everything multiplies. This is the sublime dimension of the philosopher’s stone.