Reality, true

Can only be found in the world of the soul and spirit

July 1st 2015
Humans tend to flee the world of beauty and poetic imagination, on the pretext of needing to keep a sense of reality. And this tendency is even spreading to artists: painters, poets, film directors and playwrights do all they can in their works to present the most prosaic reality, and not just prosaic but sometimes even crude and repulsive. As if we didn’t already know enough about these aspects of reality! Why is it necessary for them to keep going over them, reproducing them and parading them everywhere in their work? To be well-balanced and fulfilled, it is infinitely preferable for people to have access to the world of harmony, poetry and wonder and to strive to live there as often and for as long as possible. You will say that that world is an illusion, since it is unreal. Well, no, on the contrary, the world that people claim is unreal is precisely the one that is most real. It is where we finally feel we are living in purity and light. True reality is found on high, in the vast spaces of the soul and spirit.