The most striking sign of god’s presence in the universe

July 4th 2015
It is important to recognize that human beings cannot conceive of God. But as, in his goodness and generosity, he wants to be revealed to them, he has placed signs everywhere in creation to allow them to find him. Except that humans do not look for these signs, or rather the signs are right in front of them but they do not decipher them, with the result that, even if believers worship the Divine and make a religion of it, it remains something distant, vague and abstract for them. But since it is impossible for humans to live with abstractions, most religions have produced numerous statues, coins, crosses, holy images and all kinds of concrete, material representations of the Divine, to the point where it has often become childish and ridiculous. They should learn to look for the signs the Creator himself has placed in creation. The most striking of these is the sun. The day humans know how to look at the sun and receive its light, warmth and life into the deepest part of their being, they will begin to sense what the Divine truly is.