Intelligence, true

Is the source of wonder; it makes us see everything as if for the first time

July 6th 2015
In the morning, when you open your window or leave the house, you see the sky, the sun, the trees… Try to look at them as if you were seeing them for the first time: in them you will discover an entire subtle life, which until now had eluded you, because you allowed an opaque screen to come between you and reality. The day you get rid of this screen, you will have true vision and true intelligence. True intelligence is like a gushing spring, which is why it is continually offering us new ways of seeing things and filling us with wonder. You must learn to cultivate this attitude of seeing everything as if for the first time – not just nature but humans too. Then, not only will you discover things you had never suspected, but others will find you much more interesting and likeable.